Frequently Asked Questions

We work long distance with approximately 70% of our clients. Acoustical design is best described as an engineering discipline combined with artistic sensibility. We combine quantitative analysis (using tools such as Insul, Comsol Multiphysics, REW, SMAART, and Ease) and qualitative consideration (critical listening) to accurately define the acoustic experience and understand the impact of each design element (i.e. acoustical treatments and isolation systems). No guesswork is involved. We offer predictions and are liable for performance guarantees.

An acoustical consultant’s role is to help the client identify, document, develop, and implement the acoustical needs of a project. This includes room acoustical treatments, ambient noise management, isolation between sound-critical spaces.

Acoustic Tribe provides products in the field of acoustics, noise & vibration control. We also provide acoustic consulting services in Asia Pacific and the middle east. 

The largest project we have worked on is the Dubai International Airport, followed by a five year assignment for an aircraft carrier, two destroyers, and five submarines for the Indian Navy. We have also worked on the A'Design Award Winning Keshavrao Bhosle Natyagruha in India, a UNESCO world heritage site. We have also worked on Spotify's Global HQ in India.
We are dedicated to being active and constructive members of the design team, striving to implement acoustical and sound system components as integrated design elements. Additionally, we have developed and continually use the industry’s leading tools for acoustical and isolation system system measurement and prediction. Combined with a wide range of skills and years of experience, we are able to produce creative solutions that work technically and aesthetically.