Isosbarrier is a unique acoustic composite product combining the superior soundproofing performance of
the flexible mass loaded vinyl, Isobrane, with Nankarrow’s NeoFill or NeoFill-HD acoustic foam. It reduces unwanted
sound in applications such as partitions, HVAC systems, generator enclosures, data center enclosures, industrial barriers, marine vessels and the transport industry.

Isobarrier’s high-performance is achieved by placing the mass barrier between two layers of absorbing foam. It keeps the noise barrier separate from the structure it is bonded to, allowing for flexibility to reflect and absorb the transmission of sound. This allows the MLV to function as true limp mass. Tests have revealed that increasing the thickness of the foam separating the barrier improves the product’s performance in some frequencies without affecting the overall weight.

The combination of these properties allows Isobarrier to target a broad range of frequencies, making it one of the most versatile acoustic solutions in the global market place.
IsoBarrier is available in a variety of surface facing options to meet specified design requirements. Nankarrow
offers aluminium foil metallised polyester, polyurethane film, and perforated vinyl finishing.