Armasound Super Silence Ductliner


Product Description

ArmaSound® SSD infused with Microban® technology is an acoustic liner for duct having innovative foam-based open-cell duct structure used in commercial as well as residential projects for effective noise reduction. ArmaSound insulation products are extremely effective in helping to create a soundproof insulation system when installed correctly.

Duct noise and its source:

Both structure-borne and air-borne noise within the HVAC system will travel along with the connecting un-insulated flexible duct network. If left untreated, there will be little attenuation of this noise, even over large distances. In order to effectively reduce noise from the HVAC system, consideration must be given to the treatment of each of these modes of transmission.

In addition to that, ArmaSound® Super Silence Ductliner has in-built anti-microbial Microban® product protection which prohibits the growth of mold/fungi/microbes over its surface. Along with its dust and fiber-free characteristics, this product thus helps in improving the indoor air quality.

Special Features of ArmaSound

  • Reduces duct Noise: Vibration and plant room noise are substantially reduced with open cell noise absorbing acoustic lining material
  • Built-in Microban antimicrobial: 24X7 active anti-microbial protection for better Indoor Air Quality
  • Quick and easy installation: no bitumen, tissue paper or  perforated sheet required
  • Fiber free: Non-fibrous, no fiber migration maintaing the indoor air quality
  • High Air Erosion Resistance:  Up to 10,000 fpm

ArmaSound® Super Silence Ductliner has been applied at various prestigious projects including:

  • T3 – Indira Gandhi International Airport – New Delhi,
  • Ford Engine Plant – Sanand Gujarat, CISCO Global Development Center – Bengaluru,
  • Mars Chocolates – Pune Maharashtra and others.

Industrial use of acoustic foam

Armacell also has a range of acoustic products for industrial, marine and offshore environments, ArmaSound® Industrial Systems are high-performance acoustic and thermal insulation systems. The sandwich system of ArmaFlex® sheet insulation, ArmaSound® RD 240, and Arma-Chek® R covering reduces the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI) and provides exceptional noise reduction while minimizing total system weight and thickness. ArmaSound® Industrial Systems perform with great efficiency throughout its life and require minimum maintenance once installed under the supervision of Armacell trained professionals.