Environmental Noise & Vibration

People and the buildings in which they work and live are at the mercy of the environment.
Acoustic Tribe specializes in evaluating, measuring, isolating, and mitigating the causes of environmental noise and vibration. Working across a spectrum of facilities, our experts can promptly investigate, utilizing the most advanced field testing instrumentation and analysis technology, to execute streamlined solutions to meet regulatory requirements, address stakeholder needs, and reduce the impact on affected communities.

We consult in the areas of assessment, prediction, and mitigation of environmental noise and vibration:

  • in industrial facilities and array of facility types
  • at construction sites
    from renewable and clean energy sources
  • from transportation-related noise from highways, railroads and airports

If your project is in the development phase, or in the process of being approved by a building department, Acoustic Tribe can quickly document the existing noise levels, evaluate the project’s design, and perform acoustical calculations to determine how the proposed project compares to the State requirements. If modifications are required, We can assist the project team in the development of a cost-effective approach to meet compliance.